Friday, August 14, 2009

Steve Holmes asking BOS about crimewatch 07/07/09

Ten Days later Crimewatch President George Coleman (after numerous complaints about him had already been logged), was arrested (charges pending). The Police log states:

12:44 p.m. general disturbance, Union Avenue and Waban Place; male party reports a woman standing in front of his car and won’t move; 70-year-old Onset man arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Aside from the rudeness shown to Mr. Holmes (listen for Brucie's "oh, Jesus" at the end), it seems the town was liable for the actions of crimewatch, and they're represented legally by K&P (our dime).


  1. this is the biggest idiotic B.O.S. i've ever seen in my life,how do you voters elect these individuals every time,, well as the saying goes , YOU CAN"T FIX STUPIDITY.......... and i don't even live here

  2. i guess the chair of the BOS circumvented Mr. Holmes' legal questions about crime watch,,,who in thier right mind would take a non paying position, such as in crime watch if he or she were open to personal liability, such as that 70 yr older Colman ??? is going to be liable for,, since he reports to Sangunetti ?? yep your town could be and will be in for a tremendous lawsuit,, but i see the BOS has spent OVER a million dollars, in the last 3 years in legal expensis,, what the heck whats another half a million..yes you do need Westfield ,, thats where that POOR OLD Mr. Colman will be living "OR" under the over pass @495 & 25 'and i don't even live here'