Friday, August 14, 2009

What just happened???

This clip shows the chairman of the Charter Review Committee (CRC), Alan Slavin (standing ready before those gathered even finished the Pledge of Allegiance) requesting to take "out of order" the petitioned Articles # 45 thru 53 (Bob Brady the petitioner). A few things are puzzling.

--- They were scheduled to start with Article # 41, so why not just wait a few minutes to get to #'s 45-53?

--- The chairman of the CRC (Alan Slavin) claimed that the committee was "presently working on the Articles" therefore he was recommending Further Study, yet their meeting minutes don't show any discussions for any of the Articles prior to town meeting.

--- Listen carefully. No main motion to Further Study the entire grouping of the Articles was ever proposed because the moderator didn't follow his own procedure to allow ONLY the petitioner to make the main motion on any and all petitioned Articles, but instead was complicit in circumventing the process by his actions. The moderator never even allowed Mr. Brady enough time to get to the microphone.

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